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Even when you can't get into Purple Crayon, you can wrap yourself in its creative energy by wearing a PC shirt or apron!


Not surprisingly, our shirts were designed with women in mind. Instead of placing text across the chest, like most novelty shirts, we put it in the upper left corner so it draws attention to your face, not "the girls." And we adorned the back of the shirt with an uplifting message from the always-inspiring Brené Brown.

You can pick from several shirt sizes, prices, and styles: classic tee, slim fit tee, V-neck tee, long sleeve tee, pullover hoodie, and sweatshirt. The slim fit and V-neck tee come in a medium purple (pictured left), and the rest of the shirts come in a dark purple (pictured right).

Our aprons are one-size-fits-all and come in black or white cotton fabric with purple lettering. Aprons are $25 each.


Please order your shirt(s) online, and it will ship directly to your home. Please contact us to order your apron(s). There's no charge for shipping if you pick up your apron(s) at Purple Crayon, but a small shipping fee will be added if you need us to mail it to you. We also keep a few shirts and aprons in the studio for purchase.

Purple Crayon W-NEW Purple Logo-cropped.
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