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The Mission

Purple Crayon is a creative space for women to connect. It provides...


...An affordable space

Memberships start at just $40 a month—less than dinner and a glass of wine! And our workshops are equally affordable. Purple Crayon also occasionally offers free and discounted classes. To learn more, check out our memberships and workshops.


...For creative women to work on their projects

Purple Crayon is just for women (and by "women," we mean anybody who identifies as a woman),18 and older. This allows members to enjoy something most don’t get a lot of: girl-time.


You also won’t find many professional artists at Purple Crayon. Though they’re welcome to join, most of our members create art for fun; not to make a living. There’s no sense of urgency or competition here; just lots of playfulness!


...In a fun, supportive environment

Purple Crayon is designed to encourage members to connect. In additional to beautiful "creation stations," the space has a lounge and break room, so members can kick off their shoes and catch up on the latest “scoop,” or share a bite to eat, when making art. We also offer occasional community building activities, like pot-lucks, field trips, and birthday celebrations.


...As well as gain new skills through educational workshops and events

Purple Crayon holds regular workshops and events that are open to the public. They range from two-hour introductory classes to multi-week intensives, and span everything from Acrylics to Zentangle. To learn more, check out our workshops.

Still not sure if Purple Crayon is for you? Contact us for more information.

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