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Girls' Night (or Day) Out

Looking for something a little different for your next Girls' Night (or Day) Out? Consider scheduling a private arts and crafts party at Purple Crayon! We've got lots of great workshops to choose from, and, if you don't see what you're looking for, we'll be happy to try to find an instructor for what you are interested in!


Here's how it works:


  1. You and four or more of your friends come up with a date and time for your next Girls' Night (or Day) Out. 

  2. You and your friends decide what workshop you'd like to take.

  3. You contact Pam at or 828-771-6148 and let her know what workshop you'd like to take and when. (We suggest you have a backup workshop and date just in case your first choice isn't available.)

  4. Pam contacts the workshop instructor to see if she's available on one of your requested dates/times.

  5. Assuming we can find a date/time that works, we hold the slot for seven days.

  6. When we receive your payment, we finalize the event and start preparing for your special day! 

Questions? Please contact us for more information!


Deana's Scarves-500x500.jpg

Alcohol Ink Silk Scarf (2.5 hours)


Workshop Fee: $65 pp

Instructor: Deana Murchison

If you love experimenting with color, you’ll love making these beautiful, one-of-a-kind scarves!


As you drip, blow, and manipulate the brilliant colors of alcohol ink onto silk, you’ll have fun watching intricate patterns emerge! In just a couple of hours, you’ll have created a stunning 11” x 60” scarf that you’ll be proud to wear out or give as a gift.


No dyeing, drawing, or painting experience necessary!


White Blanket-500x500.jpg

Chunky Blanket (4 hours)


Workshop Fee: $80 pp

Instructor: Pam Robbins

Materials & Tools Needed: 5-6 skeins of “chunky” yarn, such as  Bernat Blanket Big yarn, Yarn Bee Eternal Bliss yarn.


You’ve probably seen these super soft, super snuggly blankets in your favorite home goods store for $75-$100 or more. Now you can make your own for a lot less, once you learn the technique. No knitting experience necessary!


Non-knitter Pam Robbins will step you through the process. First, she’ll show you how to “cast on” to start your project. Then, you’ll learn how to “knit” your blanket until it’s approximately 45”x 60”. Finally, Pam will show you how to “bind off” your piece to give it a professional look. And you’ll do all of this using just your hands; no needles required!


Felted Soap2-500x500.jpg

Felted Soap (2 hours)


Workshop Fee: $45 pp

Instructor: Camille Daunno

Looking for some good, clean, fun? We’ve got you covered—in bubbles, that is!


Join veteran artist and teacher, Camille Duanno, for this easy, fun, and uber practical introduction to felting. In just a couple of hours, Camille will show you how to take a bar of soap, a little wool, and some warm water and turn it into an attractive addition to your home.


These “fuzzy” soaps also make wonderful, gentle exfoliators—and great gifts!

All materials supplied, including soap dish and materials for wrapping.


Silk Scarf-500x500_2.jpg

Sharpie Silk Scarf (2.5 hours)


Workshop Fee: $55 pp

Instructor: Pam Robbins

Love wearing one-of-a-kind, handmade, dyed scarves but don't love their price tag? We understand! Not only are these scarves beautiful and economical (compared to dying with alcohol inks), but they’re super easy and fun to make!


Join Purple Crayon owner, Pam Robbins, as she shows you how to use Sharpie markers and isopropyl alcohol to transform an ordinary piece of silk into an extraordinary silk scarf. You’ll be amazed at the beautiful colors and fluid patterns you can create with just a few simple lines. If you can doodle, you can do this!


No dyeing, drawing, or painting experience necessary!


Pam's Bowls-500x500.jpg

Yarn Coil Basket (4 hours)


Workshop Fee: $85

Instructor: Pam Robbins

Materials & Tools Needed: 1-3 skeins of Bulky (5), Super Bulky (6), or Jumbo (7) yarn.

There are lots of ways to make baskets—twining, plating, doing free-form work—but one of the most versatile, easy, and inexpensive approaches is yarn coiled basketry.


In this colorful, relaxing workshop, PC Owner, Pam Robbins, will teach you everything you need to make a beautiful, 8” yarn coil basket. First, Pam will show you how to start a basket. Then, you’ll learn how to build and shape your work, adding color and pattern to give it visual interest. Finally, Pam will teach you how to finish your new, one-of-a-kind vessel. 


No previous basket weaving experience necessary, though students should have a moderate amount of hand strength and dexterity.


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