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Cherry Pie
Pie Contest
General Information


Come celebrate Purple Crayon’s two-year anniversary by participating in our inaugural pie contest! We couldn’t think of a sweeter way to mark the studio’s success, and thank the community that enabled it.

The public is invited to visit Purple Crayon during the event, with pies and appetites in tow. Guests who can’t or don’t want to bake a pie are still welcome to attend and participate in the tasting and judging of the contest. The winner of each pie category will receive a gift certificate from
Baked Pie Company.

RSVPs are appreciated but not required. Registration will begin at 1 PM, and judging will begin around 1:30 PM. For more information, or to RSVP,
contact us.


  1. Attendees who want to enter the pie contest will bring a homemade pie and a large serving spoon. Pie categories will include: savory-vegetarian; savory-meat; cream; or fruit or berry. (If it’s not obvious which category your pie falls under, we’ll figure it out when you arrive.) To encourage more folks to enter, you can use a store-bought crust if you’d like.

  2. We hope that most attendees will want to enter the pie contest, but, if you don’t bake, you are still strongly encouraged to come and help judge (i.e., eat pie!).

  3. You’ll check in your pie when you arrive and will be given a number, which will be recorded on a sheet. Only the person checking in the pies will know who baked what. You will then take your pie to the appropriate area (savory-vegetarian; savory-meat; cream; or fruit or berry) so it’s with other, similar pies.

  4. When all of the pies have arrived, you will choose one of the pie categories to judge. You can judge any category except your own. Then, the tasting and judging will begin!

  5. Each group will decide which pie is their favorite in their category. Taste will be the most important criteria, but appearance, smell, etc. will also be considered.

  6. The winner in each category will receive a gift certificate to the Baked Pie Company!

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